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By Edward R. Rosset

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A) more and more better b) best c) better and better d) more better 10. The injured man was getting ... a) weaker and weaker b) more and more weak c) most weak d) weak and weak 36 USED TO DO - BE USED TO DOING 1. When she was young she used to ... up quite early. a) to get b) getting c) get d) getting 2. My father is not used ... in queues. a) to wait b) to waiting c) waiting d) wait 3. When I lived in London I used ... to the cinema very often. a) go b) to go c) going d) to going 4. He is broke but he is used ...

A) used to travel b) use to travel c) used to travelling d) use to travelling 2. You can never ... to the noise of the traffic. I am not ... this cold weather of yours. a) use to b) used to c) use at d) used at 13. His grandparents ... to school ten kilometres away on foot. a) used to go b) use to go c) used to going d) use to going 3. Did you ... to the theatre when you lived in London? a) use to go b) used to go c) use to going d) used to going 14. They are not ... to work so early. a) used to go b) use to go c) used to going d) use to going 4.

A) 50 stones b) 14 stone c) 13 stones d) 5 stone 13. In the old days a cental was a) 10 kilos b) 100 kilos c) 50 pounds d) 100 pounds 3. There are 112 pounds in a) one hundredweight b) two hundredweights c) four hundredweight d) eight hundredweights 4. An English pound has a) 8 b) 6 c) 16 d) 14 14. This sack of potatoes weighs a) one hundredweight b) ten hundredweights c) ten hundredweight d) twenty hundredweight ounces. 15. That is a a) five-gallons tank b) five-gallon tank c) tank of five gallon d) five-gallons-tank 5.

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1500 structured tests: level 2, 2nd edition by Edward R. Rosset

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