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During the Crossfade time, the two parts of the file are actually overlapped. This results in the total run time of the file being reduced by the crossfade time. Sometimes you may need to decrease the amount of material to be removed to compensate for this if you are editing to reach a specific run time. Shortcut 2000 Editor Owner’s Manual Page 30 Editing EDIT IN MARK EDIT OUT MARK Diagram 1: Selection to be Cut is Marked Diagram 2: Selected Audio is Removed and Remaining Audio is Spliced Together THE RESULTING FILE IS SHORTENED BY AN AMOUNT EQUAL TO THE CROSSFADE TIME CROSSFADE TIME Diagram 3: Spliced Audio is Overlapped and Crossfaded Between the Two Parts Performing a Crossfade Only Cut Performing a Cut with Crossfade when the Edit In and Edit Out Marks are in the same place will generate an error message in the top line of the display, “ * NOTHING TO CUT * ” followed by “APPLY CROSS FADE?

The maximum and minimum Gain Values are enforced on each operation, so it is not possible to increase gain above +6db in any section through repeated operations or the combined effect of gain edits and the OUTPUT LEVEL parameter in the Edit Menu. Note that increasing gain can cause distortion in audio that is already recorded near full scale; in this event simply UNDO the operation or reduce the gain of only the affected audio. 360 Systems Editing Page 33 +6 db maximum 0 db (default) - 90 db EDIT IN MARK minimum EDIT OUT MARK Adjust Level Adjust Level allows the gain of a selected range of audio to be increased or decreased relative to its current Gain Value.

In all cases, the material in the Clipboard (or Hotkey file) will be the same regardless of whether crossfade is used. The first diagram below shows a file that has the Edit Marks set in preparation for a Cut. When a Cut is performed, the resulting file is represented by the second diagram. This is the final result of a simple Cut operation. When Cut with Crossfade is used this is only an intermediate step. The Crossfade process will result in the file represented by the third diagram. During the Crossfade time, the two parts of the file are actually overlapped.

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