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By Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari, Giuseppe; Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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Everything happened as if they were under a spell, whose causes were beyond the grasp of those directly involved, though with different degrees of responsibility. 44 The imitator is invited to follow and admire the model (the public adoration of Wagner) but as soon as he approaches too closely to the model, he is driven away (Nietzsche was laughed to scorn for his music, as would also have been the case if he had declared his love for Cosima). The model tends to confirm his role, prestige, and superiority but The Philosopher and His Double 39 when the imitator retreats in defeat, the model unconsciously but promptly issues another invitation to imitate him in order to maintain his role.

36 From then on, Wagner and all things Wagnerian, the whole of Germany itself, were to be made the constant object of the philosopher’s polemics. 36 Chapter Three The Impossible Death of the Rival This concentric series of emotional and existential defeats meshed with what have been defined as “inferiority complexes in facing life”: At the time of his relations with Wagner, these unhealthy tendencies could only be strengthened by the overpowering friendship of that most tyrannical of geniuses and by the emotional defeat that Nietzsche suffered through his undeclared and unrequited love for Cosima.

Nietzsche requested “a dressing gown for radical redemption”; such a very personal item of clothing, which may be linked to his bodily and ontological functions, became the ambiguous garb of king, priest, and victim. The sexual references (“twenty-four prostitutes,” “completely crazy little women”) represent the continuation and culmination of power symbolically expressed through excrement and food. 27 His clinical The Eternal Recurrence of Madness 21 file records the very next phase in this delirium when Cosima has become his wife in all respects.

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A God torn to pieces : the Nietzsche case by Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari, Giuseppe; Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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