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New PDF release: A Pictorial History of the Sea War 1939-1945

By Paul Kemp

ISBN-10: 1557506744

ISBN-13: 9781557506740

An illustrated paintings overlaying the naval component to international warfare II. the topic is mentioned in response to kind of motion, together with fleet activities, service conflict, submarine war, coastal forces and detailed forces. The ebook additionally comprises illustrations of lifestyles at sea and quit ceremonies.

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This arrived so quickly! it's a nice e-book and in ideal form! thank you men!

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Right: HMS Avenger, an American-built escort carrier, under way with her 'air group' of six Sea Hurricanes ranged on deck. 1Wo Swordfish aircraft were also carried in the hangar. 18 to the USSR in September 1942 when her fighters successfully broke up massed torpedo-bomber attacks. 34 CARRIER WAR Right, top: An Avenger from an escort carrier flying over a convoy. Convoy protection was the main role of escort carriers in home waters, although at times they might be required for fleet operations.

Great efforts were made to save her but she went down on the evening of 8 May after a series of internal explosions. Although the Americans lost more materiel in the battle, they won the strategic advantage. Left, bottom: The Japanese carrier Akagi circling and on fire dUring the Battle of Midway, 46 June 1942. This battle marked a turning point in the Pacific war: the Japanese lost four carriers (Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu) with more than 200 aircraft and their experienced crews. It was a defeat from which Japanese naval aviation never recovered.

These convoys proved acutely vulnerable to attack as a consequence of the restricted area in which they operated (there is little choice of route between Naples and Tripoli whereas a British trade convoy had the Far left: A convoy seen from the bridge of a destroyer. In the early days of the war, before the development of refuelling facilities, the escorts could only go part of the way before having to turn back to fuel. Left: An East Coast convoy assembles under the protective umbrella of barrage balloons at a British port.

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A Pictorial History of the Sea War 1939-1945 by Paul Kemp

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