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Download e-book for iPad: Spectral analysis on graph-like spaces by Olaf Post

Small-radius tubular buildings have attracted significant recognition within the previous few years, and are often utilized in assorted components reminiscent of Mathematical Physics, Spectral Geometry and worldwide research. during this monograph, we examine Laplace-like operators on skinny tubular constructions ("graph-like spaces''), and their normal limits on metric graphs.

Download e-book for iPad: The Reconstruction of Trees from Their Automorphism Groups by Matatyahu Rubin

Bushes, also known as semilinear orders, are partly ordered units within which each preliminary section made up our minds through a component is linearly ordered. This e-book specializes in automorphism teams of timber, offering an almost whole research of whilst bushes have isomorphic automorphism teams. certain consciousness is paid to the category of $\aleph_0$-categorical timber, and for this classification the research is whole.

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