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By Daniel H. H. Ingalls Sr.

ISBN-10: 0674039505

ISBN-13: 9780674039506

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In the next designated image the flames cling to the hands of the women although they try to shake them off, suggesting the 10' er 'who urges profuse apologies upon his mistress. And so in what follows, where we have the hair caressed and the hem of the garment plucked, either by the flames of God in the designated mythological incident or by the consoling lover in the suggested image. " The imagery of all but the last line of the verse conduces to the erotic mood. In erotic verse the woman who trembles and refuses a glance to the lover at her feet is never truly averse to his attentions but jealous at their being shared.

The verses describe the Himalay a mountains, mythologically figured as parent of the mother-goddess who is to appear as heroine of the poem. Each verse furnishes a separate and complete thought, employs distinct images and usually a distinct figure of speech from its neighbors. And yet there is a cumulative flow to these verses, in effect not unlike the opening of a symphony. Ice and snow, the scintillation of the close sunlight, the peacock feathers of the mountaineers, the jewelry of the nymphs, the in carnadined masses of clouds :-these images and hues burgeon into a vision each part of which, while remaining distinct, reinforces the rest.

7). Our princess remains motionless throughout the passage. She is unaffected by the heat of summer or the delicious coolness of the rain. 18). The geography of the falling raindrops informs us that this must here be the case. A princess who is the perfect yogini. But she is more. The "highland of her breast" hints at the fact that she is a power of nature. She is the daughter of Himiilaya not only in name. Or is she more than that? In the popular religion, UrnS. is the mother-goddess. The very word Uma, despite the fanciful etymology that KaJidasa gives it, is 11 Kum.

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