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In the course of a time while pop stars turn into recognized due to intercourse tapes which have been leaked on-line, it's transparent that the web isn't resistant to the draw of the media. but paintings, academia and activism proceed to advertise the web as an untouched utopia. Animal Spirits: A Bestiary of the Commons addresses the double typical dominating modern media discourse and shatters the myths of artistic commons, loose software program and open-source events, suggesting that "free tradition" is an fiscal parasite siphoning cash via peer-to-peer networks. Theorist and electronic fetishist Matteo Pasquinelli makes use of the metaphor of the animal body--which Paul Virilio has characterised as instinctual and reactionary--to counter what he sees as a capitalist exploitation of collective imagery, calling for an intensive new knowing of the forces at paintings in the back of the electronic economic climate and cultural construction.

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As the tragedy of Nazism shows, the ‘reason’ of biopolitics is made of the same dark matter it supposedly confronts and governs. More generally, the rationality of technocracy is not less animal than the instinctual drives of the masses it must manage. The well-known paradigm of biopolitics should be traced back to a zoological origin, rather than an a-biological notion of power. Biopolitics in Agamben continues a millenary process of articulating and separating bios until its modern technomedical extensions.

The contemporary multitude reflects within itself, quite apparently, the double ethical value of verbal language: the springing forth of danger and the force that restrains it, radical evil and apotropaic resource. The multitude, just like verbal language, is also a risky state of loss of equilibrium and a favorable restraint: murmurs in the desert and joint self-government, (self-)destruction and katechon. . 20 Accordingly, the contemporary multitude is a dangerous animal that manifests itself through a linguistic and political exoskeleton, but always as an unstable and temporary katechon.

The biomorphic unconscious of cultural commons and digital networks is still fundamentally the law of energy. indd 52 02-12-2008 13:42:51 Chapter ii The Parasite of The Commons: Digitalism and the Economy of ‘Free Culture’ The parasite invents something new. He obtains energy and pays for it in information. He obtains the roast and pays for it with stories. Two days of writing the new contract. He establishes an unjust pact; relative to the old type of balance, he builds a new one. He speaks in a logic considered irrational up to now, a new epistemology and a new theory of equilibrium.

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