Leonard Shlain's Art and Physics - Parallel visions in space, time and light PDF

By Leonard Shlain

ISBN-10: 0688097529

ISBN-13: 9780688097523

I learn this ebook while i used to be a freshman in excessive. it rather opened my eyes to the area of physics and the way artwork mymics fact and vise versa.

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Of the Bible, it could also pass through solid matter. The Gothic Cathedral, Otto von Simson describes this unique property of medieval light: In a Romanesque church, light is something distinct from and contrasting with the heavy, somber, tactile substance of the The Gothic wall seems to be porous: light filters through Light, permeating it, merging with it, transfiguring it. walls. it, . which principle; takes of, . ordinarily concealed by matter, appears as the active is and matter and is is aesthetically real only insofar as it par- defined by, the luminous quality of light.

The first was coexistent with a new Modern science was born scientific in the Renaissance.

Rather, these unknown craftsmen used space to arrange a jumble of disconnected images knit together on a symbolic level. At its inception. Christian art also reflected an alternative conception of time. By effectively effacing the rules of causality, prophecy gained do- minion over reason and mysticism shared the stage with ignorance and superstition. As early Christian artists disregarded conventions of linear causality and sequence, so important to the earlier Greek paradigm, so time frames within their art assumed a similar nonlinear Artist Gyorgy Kepes points out in his elasticity.

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Art and Physics - Parallel visions in space, time and light by Leonard Shlain

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