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By Isaac Asimov

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In Asimov's advisor to the Bible, Isaac Asimov explores the historic, geographical, and biographical features of the occasions defined within the previous and New Testaments. Asimov's makes an attempt to light up the Bible's many imprecise, mysterious passages turn out soaking up interpreting for a person drawn to faith and historical past.

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C. it had ceased to exist, at a time when Assyria itself was also being destroyed. In the area in 'which it had existed, new tribesmen arrived and a new name (of Persian origin) was given to the land, which became Armenia. In those sections of the Bible which were reduced to writing after the end of Urartu,the term Armenia is used instead. , and of their rapid flight there after: 2 Kings 19:37. and they escaped into the land of Armenia ... What is really meant,of course, is ~6rtu, since Armenia did not yet exist, and in the Revised Standard Version, the phrase is indeed changed to "the land of Ararat?

C. is often found at the head of the first pages of the Bible in editions of (he King James version. C. isn't a bad date for (he establishment of histprip times. C. C. and prel y to man) have left rehistoric man (or creatures ~ ~ i z a b similar mamas that are well over a million years old. The earth itself is some five billion years old and the universe as a whole perhaps fifteen billion years old. I Enoch [of Seth] The descendants of Adam, through Seth, are then listed through eight generations (ten, counting Adam and Setfa themselves) somewhat less hastily than those of Cain were mentioned.

The greater distance is made up for by the fact that one travels over fertile, settled territory and can rely on obtaining food and supplies for men and animals over the route. " Abram and his family stopped at Hamn, at the northern peak of the crescent, and remained there for several years. Haran is located on the eastern bank of the Balikh River, which flows south into the upper Euphrates, sixty miles away. Haran is about 170 miles east of the northeastern comer of the Mediterranean and is located in what is now southeastern Turkey, just north of the Syrian border.

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